Snyadin, Belarus

The dining room where we took all our meals as a group.

Breakfast almost always included bulgar wheat. After a few days the Americans tried everything to vary the taste of the bulgar wheat and make it more palatable, putting in lots of sugar one day, ketchup the next.

Lunch always started with hot soup, often with a dollop of sour cream. It was usually followed with pasta and meat. Other lunch dishes included potatoes with meat and stuffed cabbage.

Dinner was often something sweet, like blinzes or pancakes. Lunch and dinner were usually served with compote, a hot fruit juice made by boiling fruit in a pot of water.

Here is a journal entry of mine from July 19:

dinner: biscuits -- a treat! cheese -- a treat! tea

At almost every meal now we are served bowls of apple jam with which we slather our bread, as a reward for eating everything else.

Tonight's dinner made everyone happy.

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