Snyadin, Belarus


Some of the kids in Snyadin. They waited to meet our bus every day when we returned from the site and were thrilled to receive little gifts such as a Pez dispenser.

Russians are no strangers to American professional sports teams. I wish I'd brought some New York Yankees caps.

There is little concept of copyright in Russia, and Iagor's hat is most likely counterfeit. Walt Tremer had an amusing story about this: he had given a friend in Minsk a sweatshirt with a Southern Lehigh School District design (Walt teaches some high school classes at Southern Lehigh... he also teaches archaeology at Muhlenberg College).

A few years later he returned to Minsk and saw several people walking around wearing the same Southern Lehigh sweatshirt. It turned out that his friend had temporarily fallen on hard times and had sold the shirt to a counterfeiter.